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Companies are just as individual as people when it comes to their aims, characteristics and relationships. A requisite of a successful consultation is that it understands the company fully.

The following items belong to any project within the framework of my comprehensive consultation:
- the definition of the company profile
- the definition of the as-is state as per basic conditions and market research
- an exact definition of objectives for the entire project
- the development and implementation of an activity plan and the "success-checks" that go with it.

The activity plan may cover steps towards change in the following three areas:

Corporate Surroundings
This covers all concrete conditions of the company and ranges from the philosophy, through the architectural details, to the acoustic (noise levels vs. corporate sound), sensory (temperature, scent and light situation) and organisatory details (procedures), right up to the company canteen.

Corporate Behaviour
Appropriate behaviour and confident manner of staff internally and beyond the borders of the company to customer contact (service-oriented thinking and professional behaviour including business etiquette).

Corporate Appearance
Staff present an appropriate and positive image (sensibility for wardrobe, grooming)